Sorry for not posting lately… Anyway, do you adore something that covers part of your body, that makes you a little… unrecognizable? Sure? Then you’ve got to take a peek at this:

Introducing… The White Carnival Face Mask!

At first I freaked out, as I had a phobia of masks. But then, as Jeanette slipped into these, I figured she looked dazzling. So I bought one for her, mixed n’ matched with some of her clothes, and made her look pretty.

Actually, if you do not like this mix, you can always experiment it out with some other clothings. To me, personally, I think this mask is a must-buy, unless your pet isn’t female.

If you think the mask is too heavy for your beloved pet, fear not, you can always place it somewhere on the ground. But since there’s the part where the roses stick out, it will kinda look like it’s floating on air.

Bottom line: You should buy this mask if you think pets without noses are also as cute as those with.
Cost: 750 coins
Item Rating: 3.5 stars.


Are you, as a male pet, getting tired of the girlish wigs coming out of the Pet Society stores? Yes? Then this wig is super-in for you!

These are like any other normal wig, except for the super-hip fringe that makes Jeanette look totally cool, so tomboyish.

Wassup, dude? (Oh shoot, I’ve just realised Jeanette had been wearing her pearls all the time!)

The good thing, well, it gives that teenager look of a boy. But if your pet is a female and you hate tomboy looks but totally worship the wig, you can dress her up as Jeanette Model 2:

The recently added hat covers the totally rockin’ fringe and the dress gives the girly impression. That is something you’d wear on a date to match your partner’s wig.

The bad thing is that if you can’t fork out 800 coins for a hat (but able to hand over a mere 1.100 for the wig), you’d stay a male forever with that wig. Or a tomboy.

Bottom line: This wig is so cool, hip, something you’d feel the urge to buy even if you have thrown all your green bills (in SG they are so colourful) into the rubbish dump.
Cost: 1.100 coins. Cheaper than the Golden Curls, but more expensive to be cool than nerdy.
Item Rating: 3.8 stars

Want something that floats around in your room? Then check out the cool cute ghost toy!

At the cost of a dear 900 coins, this limited edition item is so adorable. It floats round in your room freely, unless you open your inventory.

The good thing is that you can earn some cash or recycle points by selling a friend’s floating ghost!

Another special trait about this alien-like item is that you can control it without opening your inventory, just like foodstuff.

The bad thing is, well, I don’t think there’s even a bad thing, except that it might not fit into your room context.

Bottom line: It’s so cute and cool and freaky.
Cost: 900 coins
Item Rating: 4.2 stars, I’ll never give a perfect score unless I love the item and it’s free.

Is my new look nicer than before?

A present a day from a secret admirer! Like the ‘saying’? Well, it’s not just a saying; it can be made possible with one of these Valentine’s Chocolate boxes.

These boxes present you a gift each day you log in to Pet Society. It’s something like the Christmas Countdown calendar.

If you buy both boxes or two of one type, you’ll get one extra goody. And what’s more, it’s edible and looks good.

I myself bought both boxes. Actually, I bought the I Love Chocolate Box (the one on the left), and a friend presented the other box as a Valentines gift.

(Sorry for having Maryanne disrupt the picturesque scene!)

The down side has been mentioned: if you are slogging away with you work or have far too much homework to catch up with, and have no ability to log in to Pet Society, then aww man! You’ll miss one day’s pressie.

You can also sell the gift box for 299 coins.

Bottom line: If you want to buy, do so today cuz’ it’s the last day! But it’s not so ‘profitable’, since 6 days of pressies have already fled away…
Cost: 900 coins for each box
Item Rating: 3.5 stars

Happy Valentine’s Chinese New Year Day! I’m a Chinese, so I celebrate CNY. I’ve just visited my relatives at their houses and received a whole lot of angbaos (red packets).

Here’s wishing everyone the best Happy Valentine’s Chinese New Year Day you’ve received in these few years!

From the Zen Zenn and Jeanette

Do you yearn to adopt a pet for your pet? If you do, petlings are for you!

Petlings require about four days (if you feed them everyday) to grow into an adult petling. They have special foods for them to be bloated. The foods are indicated in the Foodstore.

If you do not feed them the food they demand for, they’ll simply put a cross type of sign on the food you fed them. Picky little eaters!

Also, if you ignore their pleads for food, they’ll pester you until you give in.

(Adapted from PetSocietyAnonymous)

The worst thing is, if you place them in your food room, they’ll gobble all your foodstuff when you aren’t noticing! How dare they!

No matter how mischievous those petlings are, you still can sell them away. When they are fully grown, you can exchange them for 399 coins.

But, all in all, petlings are just like pets: they are for life.  Like it or not, they are so cute that hardly anyone can resist selling them.

Bottom line: Petlings are a must-buy!
Cost: Petling cat costs 1.000 coins each, at least level 5. Petling dog costs 1.200 coins each, at least level 10.
Item Rating: 4.5 stars

Feel free to comment on the ratings and post!

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